March 25, 2014

Lately I’ve been a bit concerned with the effects of oil paint on my health.  I’m not the most tidy of artists so by the end of a good painting session I usually have as much paint on me as I do the canvass. And since my studio is in my home, I am also concerned about the fumes. Even though I use odorless mineral spirits as my solvent, the only additive I use in my paint is cold wax, and I have an air purifier there is still an “oily” smell.  I used to love that smell of fresh oil paint and the delicious buttery texture and vibrant colors.  But now when I paint the smell is too strong and I get a little grossed out having oily paint all over my hands and sometimes my face… I often contemplate switching to acrylics but when I add cold wax to my paint is creates a velvety, powdery matt finish that I just cant reproduce with acrylics.

A few weeks ago I was looking at some art on line and one of the artists  that caught my eye, Mary Weatherford, was using a paint called Flashe Paint. It is a water soluble vinyl paint that has been around since 1955.  When dry it has a matte, velvety, and opaque finish.  It sounded very interesting so I decided to give it a try.  I had three larger canvases that I had started an acrylic under layer.  I was able to paint over the acrylic with the Flashe paint with no problem.  It dried fast and it dried matt. Now, the colors did darken a bit when the dried but that wasn’t a problem for me. Here are the finished pieces:


“Buried”,  30×30″


“Braddock”, 36×36″


“Beneath”, 36×36″

It was a little daunting at first to try something new when I have a system and style that really works for me.  But  I am able to layer the paint like I do my oils without waiting weeks in between layers for the paint to dry and the finish is close to the velvety matt that I get with the cold wax.   I am excited to play around with the paint more, adding more watery washes and trying different blending techniques.  I’ll keep posting my progress!

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