These works were inspired by the landscapes of Iceland.  I spent a month there in February 2011 as part of the SIM artist residency.

These objects were made during a month long artist residency in Reykjavik, Iceland.  My focus was to document the changes that happen to a place over time.  I was most fascinated Iceland’s position near the arctic circle and the effect that has on the variation of daylight and darkness.  During my visit the amount of daylight grew in length by 6 minutes each day.  Picking a fixed time in the morning and the evening, I documented this change in two small accordion fold books that I titled “Sunrise” and “Sunset”.  “Sea Change”  is a handmade book using local fish skin leather and features the change in the color of the ocean as the weather changed over a 6 hour period.  I was amazed how the ocean reflected the color of the sky and how drastic the changes were over just a short period of time.  In the book “Home Sweet Home” , the pages are made from seaweed.   When the book was first assembled the pages were fresh and moist.  Over the coarse of a few hours the seaweed dried and became so rigid that the book is now “unreadable”.  This process represents the rapid developments in technology that render perfectly good objects obsolete.  “I’m Listening to Rock” is a pair of headphones with rocks attached to the ear pieces. It symbolizes the consumption of raw materials for use in everyday objects.

Here are some photographs from my trip: