Summer in the Studio

August 14, 2014

I’ve been pretty busy this summer playing with flashe paint and working on new paintings for my upcoming show this September at the Eastside Exchange building here in Portland.  I am loving the new colors palette I get with the flashe paint.  Lots of bright primary colors, and lots of blue.  I’ve been playing with more layers and using different techniques to create textures:












This piece reminds me of the diagram in geology books showing the different layers of rocks.  I am very excited for the opening, and am continuing to paint nonstop.

It’s great to create pieces when there is a destination for them.  I gave myself plenty of time to work on these pieces and am really happy with the outcome.  But inevitably there will always be great opportunities that pop up unexpectedly.  A few weeks ago I received an email from the USA network asking if they could reproduce some of my work to be used in a scene in the Season 2 finally of their show “Graceland”.  Thankfully they even offered to pay me!  So if you watch “Graceland”, please keep an eye open for my art!

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